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Author Topic: Affinity Photo Beginners Video  (Read 206 times)

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Affinity Photo Beginners Video
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:46:36 PM »
Here is a good video, it is about 22 mins long, has very good info on learning how and what to do using AP,
In this video the short cut keys he uses is for the Mac, but work with Windows, only main difference I see is on the Mac they use cmd. key, on Windows we use ctr. key

Here is the link to the video for AP;

When this video loads and opens , you may have to grab the lower red button and slide it to the far left to start video from very beginning, so please do this so you get the first part of what he is telling you,

Have fun and enjoy, give me some feed back if you have any
Hugz Bill


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