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Author Topic: Please Use Real Names  (Read 2678 times)

Offline MaryLouTopic starter

Please Use Real Names
« on: November 24, 2008, 01:58:54 am »
On this board, we ask that you use  a "real" name instead of something like gxsuziek (a handle).   If you have logged in using a   handle, please edit your profile to put in a real name.  It makes it much easier to address you when replying to posts, etc.   You can still keep your handle but it will be entered in a different area.

To Change Your Name:

Go to your profile.  On the left side, there is a "menu". 
Under the Modify Profile section, click on Account Related Settings. 
The first name is your user name. This is what you use to log in with. 
The second box is what you would like to be called on the board.  This is were you put your real name.

If you have not change your profile to use your name.  We do encourage you to do that and it only takes a second.

If you want your handle to display under your name,  click on Forum Profile Information on the left window.  Scroll down to Custom Title and put your handle in that box.  Don't forget to save your profile.

On the example, both of my boxes have the same name because I originally logged in using my own name.

If you need help, I can change it for you.  Just send us a Personal Message. 

Thanks for your time and cooperation.
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