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Gradient to follow the shape of a line ~ Lynn

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In reply to a question as to how to create a gradient to follow the shape of a line, I posted the following response on the Affinity Forum > Questions:

I used a shape filled with red, then colored strokes curved as desired, grouped these and applied a Gaussian Blue, then nested them in the red shape

I have wondered about how to curve a gradient. This is a very useful tip, thank you Lynn.  :clap2:

Linda R:
 :wow2: Great tip Lynn!  I have added this to my AD tips and tricks for later reference!!   :thanks07: so much for sharing!!  :bow:

ohhhhhh very clever i LIKE it

we need the mesh  tool but this is a great fix... i will be usingthis a lot ...i thank you too.

Very interesting, Lynn.  This would make a wonderful tutorial!!    Thanks for posting it. :praise62: :thumb3:


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