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Clipping vs. Nesting ~ Lynn

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The most recent AD Beta,, which was posted to the Affinity Forum yesterday, lists among the Fixes the following:

Changed Layers panel to add more distinction between clipped and nested layers

This surprised me, as I thought clipping and nesting were the same thing. If anyone has downloaded the Beta and can see what they are talking about, please enlighten me!

mmmm that sounded interesting so I downloaded the beta

how I read that was they were going to make a bigger difference to nested and or clipped layer against a normal layer without clip or nesting applied

nesting is clipping as far as I am aware.

anyway I opened both the AD's and  repeated the same sample and looked at the layers I see NO difference  in clipped nested or normal layer

the beta is the left. I also  tried it in the dark UI  but had the same results no difference between the two.

They sure look identical to me.

I'm absolutely not going to worry about it!

My goodness what is going on with Serif announcing changes and updates when it is hard to see any differences they've made. I just don't get it and think they are having a laugh! lol  :xmas03: :xmas74: :xmas51:

But, Shez, does this sound something like we had in AP lately...merging down and not clipping/nesting?


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