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Managing all those brushes!

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I took a peek at my brushes in AD and didn't realize how many I have!!  I need to control my urges to grab every one I see!  Ended up deleting a lot of them that I am positive I will never use.  i am not a painter!

In the process, I discovered something you all probably already know, but just in case here's what I found.  I had 4 different brush categories for San because each time I did a tut, I downloaded the brushes.  I found if I click on the menu, I can move those brushes.  So, I renamed one of the categories "San's Brushes" and moved all her brushes into that one category.  Did the same with my Teejay brushes as well as my own.  Now it will be much easier to find what I want.

The one thing I really wish we could do is sort by category so they would all be in place alphabetically. It would make it so much easier to go through the list!! :xmas25:

right that's it am of to sort my brushes at last
thanks ML

Yes I noticed that too MaryLou.  Like you wish we could list them alphabetically. Maybe that's something Serif will do in the future. 

 It is a good tip you have given I had work that one out ages ago but forgot about it.

I agree it would be lovely to list them alphabetically

Since I'm not really into using brushes, I was just collecting them and installing them.  I ended up with a whole bunch of them that I know I will never, ever use so deleted all of them.  That' when I noticed I had a number of brushes in categories all by themselves.  First thing I tried was drag and drop... that didn't work but I knew there had to be a way to combine things.  Good old click on the menu did it!

Now, I have brushes that I am most likely to use at some point and not a bunch of stuff that one has just to have them.   I probably could get them all alphabetical by exporting them, then deleting from AD, then importing in order but that's a LOT o trouble just for some brushes!! :xmas57: :xmas74:


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