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Sharing others brush...Grethe

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I get newsletter from Pintrest...a little annoying, but a few times there are something intersting. So, I got 2 really nice photoshops brush. But am I allowed to share with you? The name of the creator is in the zip-file.

BTW they are free downloads

are there any Terms of use in the zip
sometimes people want you to download their brushes from their website ..sometimes they don't... it gets so confusing
when in doubt don't do it ...that is will know a lot more than me  :woof:

No, no term of use in the zip. But nice instruction how to use them.
I wait till I hear from others here what they say. It is really bad if I can't share, they are really good!

These are the 2 images following the brushes. Star and light also have the text added

I googled the deviantart site that is on one of your images and on the right he says you cannot redistribute  withut his consent

but a way around that is for you to give us the link to where you got it I think
they do look interesting.


I'd deleted the mail, but here they are to download! I hope!


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