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I was a heavy smoker too - about 44-46 cigarettes every day. I couldn't wake up before I had smoked at least 3 cigarettes. And like you - I could start right away. So all or nothing for me  :yes03:

Wow, that was a lot of cigarettes Majse. You must be mega wealthy since giving it up!  :laugh1:  :stars:

That's what I thought when I gave up smoking but the money went on something else. However, I do feel much healthier (I think! lol) and that was the main reason for giving it up!

When I  stopped smoking, they had gone up to $1.25 for a pack of 20 cigarettes.  I was smoking 3 packs per day!  Many of them just sat in an ashtray and burned up and I would immediately light up another one.  That was over $25 per week.  I finally realized that it was just taking the money out of my purse and lighting a match to it.  I don't know what they cost these days but I hear it's VERY expensive.

I remember when my mother got tired of rolling her own cigarettes way back in the 50's, they were about 17 cents per pack.  When they got up to 22 cents per pack, they packaged them with 3 pennies inside the cellophane so you would get change back when you put a quarter into the machine.

It's interesting watching a movie today compared to one from 30 years ago.  It seems that EVERYONE smoked in the older movies. In my photo albums, I have a cigarette in my hand in almost every photo.  it was the thing to do.  Today, you NEVER see that happen, not on TV either.  When I watch some of the old Dean Martin re-runs, there he is with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. 

I cannot understand why California legalized that pot. It stinks to high heaven... nasty stuff.  On the other hand, the Federal government is coming down on some of them pretty hard.. and I'm all for that!   About the only "smoke" I like is the smell from a good pipe tobacco.  That usually has such a nice aroma.  Don't see men using them anymore either.

When I saw a movie or anything in tv and they were smoking - I reached out for my packet too. Without thinking. I did get at little fat when I stopped smoking


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