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Check out the voting area to see the final votes and to see why we are having a run-off vote!   Thanks again to all who entered!! 

Head down to the Voting area, open the Run-off thread and mark your votes!!!   You can only vote one time, but you can pick 3 ornaments to vote for.  Let's hope there are no ties this time!  :laugh1:

We need a LOT more people to vote!!!   Only 11 people have voted so far.  In the first round, there were 30 people who voted total so I know there are a bunch of you who have not yet voted in the runoff.

If you haven't voted yet, please do that today!!   There are only a few days left!!  We have some ties so more votes will bring about a tie-breaker!   Support your fellow PIRC members by voting!!!   :yes01: :yes01: :yes01: :yes01:

There are only 3 days left to vote!!   Right now, there is a tied vote (can't tell you which one) but we need to break the tie!

PLEASE VOTE!!!!!  It only takes a few seconds.  This is the second round of voting and we need to  announce the winners.  There were 30 people that voted the first time so I know there are a LOT of you who have not voted in the second round.  We need you!!! :yes01: :yes01:

I voted cos I am a good good I is.

its getting exiting now

c'mon you last minute-ers ... have a heart its killing me.....

LOL!!   I voted too!  I had to vote before I could see the results.  This poll is really a good one.  No one, not even me, knows who voted or who they voted for.

I sure do hope we get more votes though.  It makes it hard when you have a tie and no one to break it.  The voting will close at midnight Pacific time.   I would like to see all 30 of those same people vote again!
 :stars: :stars: :stars:


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