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Mud Slides in California - SherylC

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More devestation for our cousins across the pond in California. My heart goes out to all those people, some of which are still recovering from the recent fires, affected by the mud slides. The reports & pictures shown on the news are just awful and shocking.

I've seen some of it on the news.... terrible!!  One house was moved completely off its foundation and landed half a block away.  I'm glad that I live in the northern part of the state!  The most we get is a little rain now and again.  In another area, a 14 year old girl was buried in the mud for over 6 hours before someone finally heard her.  Also saw where a guy rescued a little baby that he found in 3 feet of mud. It's so very sad.   :tears: :tears:

I saw both of those events being reported on the news. The 14 year old looked in such a deep state of shock...awfully sad and the the guy who rescued the baby was in tears. The awful things people witnessed are unimaginable and will last a lifetime. 

I guess if the surrounding landscape made up of foliage & scrub whatever was there hadn't had been previously burned away with those awful fires, it would have absorbed some of the mud preventing the mud slides reaching the bottom and less devastating maybe.

It is terrible - I feel for all and hope they will get through this without scars on their souls. It must be so hard to be in the middle of it

Our news here is so slanted!  Some people lost their entire homes but the media choose to waste a lot of air time showing the little bit of mud damage that Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres had.  Oprah's $165 million dollar home got splattered with some mud.   Ellen only has a $45 million estate but the news went on and on about these two people losing plants in their yards, etc while others were trapped inside of their homes, terrified that they wouldn't be saved.

The one scene with the car floating down the street in a sea of mud was beyond belief!  I'm so glad I live in an area that's safe from all of Mother Nature's PMS tantrums! :yes01:


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