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Title: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 10, 2017, 10:42:40 am
MaryLou, I am wondering if you and your family are alright?. Just heard tv news here that Sacramento is caught up in those dreadful fires in LA.

Apparently there are 15 fires blazing in Orange Co and firemen are stretched to keep them under control. Looks like hell on earth there, frightening!
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 10, 2017, 07:28:41 pm
Sheryl, LA is about 400 miles away or a 6 hour drive from me so those aren't a problem.  But, there is a huge fire burning in Santa Rosa which is about 120 miles away and above us.  Sacramento is in a small valley and the smoke from the fires tend to linger over us like a cloud.  We can smell the smoke if we go outside.  There are actually 5 major fires burning at the moment.  We go through this every  year.

At least 2,000 homes and commercial facilities have been destroyed in the fires, which are burning in Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Lake, Nevada, Butte, Calaveras, Shasta, and Yuba counties. A fire station in the Fountaingrove area of Santa Rosa was among the ravaged structures.  They are raging all around us but we are safe.  Not a whole lot to burn in the valley.  These fires are all in the mountainous areas where there are many many trees, and such.  People are warned every year to keep the brush cleared away from their property but many don't listen. They like Living in those areas because of all the big beautiful trees but that's what's burning.

Anyway, other than more "bad air days" when seniors are warned to stay inside the house, things are fine in my area.  Thank for asking!   
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 11, 2017, 04:12:09 am
Oh I am glad to hear you are out of it and safe. The news showed the fires blazing in Santa Rosa.  I heard on this mornings news that the fires are abating somewhat. Alsos reported the loss of 20 people and no end of devestation and destruction left in the wake.  Awful. 
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Teejay on October 11, 2017, 05:09:30 am
We can stop holding our breath for you... I never realized until you posted shez that it was the time for the fires.... So scary...glad your ok ML .
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 11, 2017, 05:59:22 am
Only heard about the fires on last night's news but seems like they'vebeen ablaze for a while now.

Oh my goodness, despite our mixed weather, we are so luck in this country.  No venomous creatures, fires, serious earthquakes, Tsunamis......so lucky.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Teejay on October 11, 2017, 06:57:14 am
yep we are in undated with grey co;our but thats about it.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Margaret on October 11, 2017, 08:32:51 am
Glad you are alright ML. British Columbia was hit hard by fire this summer, but we on the Island were lucky and had only a couple, although we did get the smoke from the fires on the mainland. Take care of yourself.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: San on October 11, 2017, 01:00:09 pm
Glad you are a long way from the fires but when there is fires the smoke seems to travel a long distance.  It is worst when there is lost of lives due to fires and 20 is lot.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 11, 2017, 10:14:02 pm
Thanks all for your concern.  I've had a bit of trouble breathing today - use my nebulizer more than normal.  We are surrounded by fires and as soon as they get one under control, another one breaks out.  Another area had to evacuate today.   Nothing ever happens where I am though - nothing catastrophic - no snow, hardly any rain,no fires, no earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc.  All we get is that blazing hot sun for about 3 months in the summer. 

We get the aftermath of the fires.  The smoke hangs heavy over our heads and the ash dropout is very visible.  Here's the latest map of where the fires are.  You can see I'm right in the middle!
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 12, 2017, 04:30:01 am
Well, actually we do get arsonists setting fires in the mountains up in the valleys (my birthplace) occasionally. You can see and smell the smoke for miles. Fortunately the firefighters get it under control most of the time but it destroys the beautiful mountains. Some people take great joy from seeing beauty destroyed!
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Nicky on October 12, 2017, 05:18:23 am
Glad you are OK ML. We also had a bad fire season this summer and for a whole week the skies were grey because of the smoke. You could even smell the smoke a few times.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 12, 2017, 07:11:09 pm
It's bad here today.  I was sitting on my porch talking to my brother on the cell phone but I had to go in because I was starting to cough.  It's too bad we don't have rain this time of year!!
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 13, 2017, 01:24:45 am
What about wearing those little face masks when you go outside MaryLou? Handy for filtering out particles etc. I always wear one when I venture into the attic to avoid breathing in dust.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 13, 2017, 01:40:56 pm
I have a supply of those, Sheryl, but... I have trouble just taking a normal breath and when I put on one of those masks, I work twice as hard to breathe.  The solution is to simply not go outdoors.  That works for me most of the time.  I don't mind staying indoors - I have plenty to keep me busy.   I always seem to be running to catch up with myself!!

Was putting canned soda in the refrigerator last night when one can slipped and landed on the floor.  It somehow poked a hole in the can because there was a fine spray of root beer spewing all over my kitchen!  I grabbed it as fast as I could and tossed it inside the sink but my glass-top table was covered with spray as was my window.  Got the window cleaned after some work (that sugary stuff really sticks!)  and cleaned up a bit on the floor and table.  When I got up today, I was amazed at how much i missed cleaning!!  Re-cleaned the table but could still see where there were lots of spray spots.  Took a moment to realize that it was the underside of the glass that also needed cleaning.  Also noticed my "footies" were sort of sticking to the kitchen floor.  Thought I had cleaned it all up last night.  After I catch my breath from cleaning the other stuff, will have to mop the floor.

As they say, there is no rest for the wicked!!!    :hal00: :hal00: :hal00:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 14, 2017, 07:17:35 am
Yes staying in is the best option if you can.

Oh my goodness, what a horrible thing to happen. Sugary stuff on glass is a nightmare to clean. It's surprising how far that sticky stuff squirts....anywhere and everywhere and then some! lol  Hope you managed to get it all cleaned up now...big job though!.

Have a lot of glass in my house...two glass coffee tables, glass windows in all of the doors, Mirrored chest of drawers in the lounge, glass patio doors...all are a nightmare  to clean and even after they have been cleaned (daily) smudges and marks seem to appears from nowhere. I could easily spend my entire day with a cloth in my hand just cleaning them! lol

Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Teejay on October 14, 2017, 07:57:46 am
what you need sheryl  is a hammer ...  :laugh8:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 14, 2017, 04:27:56 pm
I got it all off.  Wasn't really bad to do.  I have a cleaning cloth that does an excellent job.  It's a good thing because in both bedrooms, I have wall to wall sliding mirror doors that go all the way to the ceiling. My end tables and coffee tables in living room and family room are all glass top as is one of my TV stands.  The kitchen table is round with a full beveled glass top and a second smaller glass shelf under that.  I also have an inside door with 10 glass panels, all of my windows (11 of them) are glass and each dresser and sink has a mirror above it.  Sounds like a lot of glass, and it is most of it is only cleaned twice a year. 

The closet mirrored doors are easy. They get dust on then so I use my Swifer mop with a soft cloth to remove the dust and only have to wash those once a year.   With just me, things don't get dirty... except for the bottom of my  sliding glass door.  It always has little doggie nose prints on it!

I have to wipe the kitchen table maybe twice a week but that's easy.  I use a cloth similar to a chamois cloth but it's a bit thinner.  It's made for making things shine.  I just rinse it in hot water, wring it very dry and wipe.  That's it! 

Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: Grethe on October 15, 2017, 09:03:56 am
I would LOVE to have a table like that, ML....in square so I have a place to put my book when I eat.

The rest I leave to to girl/lady that do the cleaning for me!  :laugh2:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 15, 2017, 11:00:08 am
Good idea Teejay!  :laugh8:

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of glass MaryLou. Nice table though. I do not know why some glass is harder to get clean than others. The glass windows in my doors are not too bad, they clean up quite well. I guess glass tables are prone to more smudges as they are used more, or at least in my house.  I haven't tried a chamois...well I think I did once a long time ago but it wasn't a proper chamois so didn't do a very good job. I do have special cleaning cloths though and they do the job some of the time. I use Newspaper to give the glass a nice shine but only once the marks are removed. 

I love glass, it looks fantastic when clean and sparkling and I like the airiness it gives a room but in future will be very careful what I buy, coffee tables that are used daily are definitely a no no. 
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 15, 2017, 04:42:13 pm
I love glass too and as I said, I don't have to clean it often.  It only takes one wipe-over with my glass cleaning cloth and it's done.  I especially like this round table because it has a second glass below the first one where I can put decorations.  Since we are in the fall season, I have a colorful fall wreath but come December, the red poinsettia wreath will replace it.  Even though there's never anyone here, not even for the holidays, I like to decorate for myself.

The cloth I use has a dumb name - "Holy Moly" and comes in a large square sheet that I cut in half.  I keep one on a hook under my kitchen sink because it's the best thing for cleaning the counters, stove, and glass.  I'd be lost without it!

The bad thing with glass tables is, they can break.  My daughter had a super expensive white wrought iron table and chairs.  The table was extremely heavy due to the glass. She set a hot dish on it and it broke right across the middle. We were all shocked!  The glass on mine isn't nearly as thick as hers so I'm very careful about putting hot dishes directly on the glass.  Don't want a disaster!
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 16, 2017, 12:18:02 pm
I'll have to look out for the Holy Moly cloths, though they may have a different name here.  I have Microfibre cloths that are lint free and good for cleaning glass...and they are to some extent, better than some cloths but not fantastic by any means. 

That was a shocking thing to happen to your daughter's glass table. Would never have expected that to happen, glass is usually heatproof but just goes to show. An accident like that would make you very wary.

Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 17, 2017, 04:04:51 pm
There are reviews on YouTube about the Holy Moly  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY_u3Mlu3PA) cloth and its uses.  I buy then in a package of 3 from a lady in Michigan.  I can be washing dises, see some hand prints on my sliding door, wring out the holy moly cloth that I'm using for dishes, and wipe the prints off the door.. then back to dishes.  They can be washed in the washer but they say not to put them in the dryer.  Not sure why that is, but I don't do it.   They last forever!

You can see them HERE (https://holymolyconcepts.com/product-category/holy-moly-cloths/).  I'm sure they have them in other places too.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 18, 2017, 07:12:13 am
We probably have similar ones in the UK but no idea what they would be called. I left a message on the Holy Moly FB page asking if the cloths were available in the UK. I had a very prompt reply to say not at the moment but they are working on extending delivery to the UK.  Thanks for the link MaryLou.  I am definitely interested in purchasing some.
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 18, 2017, 02:41:33 pm
They certainly save you a whole lot of time and do a nice job.  I think I have 1 and 1/2 left. As I said, I cut mine in two.  They are very stiff at first but after a few uses, they are comfortable in the hand. When mine get too dingy for indoor use, I keep them for my car windows.  There isn't anything wrong with them but it looks unsanitary doing dishes and such with a cloth that looks dirty!  :elmo:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 19, 2017, 03:51:39 am
Good idea cutting them in two. I do that with washing up liquid....well not cut exactly!  :elmo:  The stuff is so concentrated these days that it's to wipe away from sink units and leave a gloopy residue which I can't stand!.  I pour half a bottle of the liquid into an empty liquid bottle, top up with water and give it a good shake up.  A squirt is still powerful enough to have a bowl of very soapy water and I get two bottles for the price of one! lol
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 19, 2017, 04:38:49 pm
Mine is pretty thick too but it goes a very long way.  I have a soap dispenser on my kitchen sink and when I push it, the same amount comes out every time.  I only have to re-fill it a few times a year.  That's been a huge saver.

The other thing I do to save resources is, I take a scissor and cut a small round "hole" out of my bath sponge. It's not a deep hole.  I  use shower gel (hate soap scum) and fill the little hole.  That's more than enough for a shower.  I find my shower gel lasts twice as long.   It also means I don't have to clean soap scum from the glass door.  Haven't used soap in years.

When you have only one income, you really learn to conserve.    :elmo: :elmo:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 20, 2017, 03:53:40 am
I love household tips and have many books with suggestions which I enjoy reading. Household tips using Vinegar, another for Lemons.....no end! lol

One thing I regularly do is to cut a lemon into thick slices and place a slice in each sink basin. I love the fresh natural zingy Lemon smell and I like to wipe the sinks around with the Lemon slices to remove any residual wash up liquid or whatever. Makes the stainless Steel sparkle beautifully too.

Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 21, 2017, 12:16:14 am
I use lemon quite a bit too but this year, it doesn't look like I'm going to get a whole lot on my tree. I cut the lemon up in quarter pieces, then freeze them.  They are awesome for cleaning the garbage disposal.  I just drop a few of the frozen pieces, turn the water on so it's just over a dribble, then turn the disposal on for a few seconds or so. 

The other thing I do is make ice cubes out of vinegar.  They're also great for cleaning the disposal.  I have to double-bag the cubes because they're pretty strong smelling when closed up in the refrigerator.

I don't buy any of those commercial spray cleaners - they don't work and I hate all the chemicals.  I mainly use lemon, vinegar, or bleach to clean things and of course, dish soap.  I used to spend a lot of money on all those cleaning products but discovered I really don't need to. So, when I ran out of one of those things, I never bought it again.   Those manufacturers make millions by convincing us that we really can't live without their product but I know better! :)
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 21, 2017, 09:27:21 am
You and I are very much alike when it comes to utilising natural products. I can't bear the shop bought sprays, polishes and stuff. They are grossly overpriced, over commercialised and do not always do the job. They are full of harsh chemicals which make me wheezy and yukky.

Good idea making Vinegar ice Cubes...might try that.

I make my own furniture polish using Beeswax and Lemon which does a good job and the smell is gorgeous. I also use it to clean my Leather sofas, shoes and bags. I test the polish in an obscure place first though and still make face creams occasionally but making them means I haven't the time to do all the other things I like to do, so I have relented and started buying natural skin creams.  Gone are my White Witch days where I would spend hours in the kitchen concocting various creams and potions. I've had to compromise! lol

I love having these chats with you MaryLou. Wish we could meet up and have a chat over coffee! :)
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 21, 2017, 04:29:37 pm
I avoid chemicals as much as possible due to my respiratory problems (emphysema).   Most of that junk they sell in the stores is just soooo over priced!!   I used to buy expensive weed killer solution but not any more.  I buy a gallon of vinegar, add about 1/4 cup of dish soap, and some Epsom salts.  That kills the weeds and doesn't leave any chemicals that will harm my Daisy.  The dish soap is what causes the mixture to "stick" on the weeds.  It does a great job .  When it comes to cost, it is close to the same but it's so much better to breathe than chemicals.

With vinegar ice cubes, you want to dump them into a plastic bag, then put that in a second one.  It will leave a vinegar smell in your freezer if you don't.  Actually, that's not such a bad smell when you think about it.

I don't polish any of my furniture.  I don't like the wax buildup.  I clean with my Holy Moly cloth which lets me do the glass and the wood at the same time.  On the in-between cleanings, I just use one of those really extra fluffy Swifer dusters.  The dust really clings to them.   My floors are cleaned with plain water.  I can't use a mop so I get a pail of water, get an old Holy Moley cloth and sit on the floor to clean it.  Scoot around and do a small area at a time.  Takes longer but doesn't need to be done often.

I don't use any face creams but I do use an "under $5" per bottle Vitamin E Skin oil.  Works for me.  :laugh2:

Of all the years I've had PIRC, and all the many people who have come and gone, I have never yet met a single one in person.  It's not too likely to happen now, not at my age.... unless someone comes to Sacramento!! :elmo: :elmo:
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 23, 2017, 09:11:38 am
I swear by Vitamin E, Wheatgerm, Shea or Cocoa Butter. I use a combination of most of those when I make my skin cream.
The internet is marvellous for bringing people together, either via groups such as this one, Facebook etc. Looking back without it, life was pretty dull without all of this to some extent though we didn't know it then! lol
Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on October 23, 2017, 01:18:32 pm
LOL!!!  Looking back, I didn't know how poor we really were when growing up.  That though didn't cross my mind as a kid.  Now, I wonder how we ever lived through it!  :laugh2:

We never really know how it is in the present until we can look back many years later. I'll say one thing about the internet, my geography has improved!  Never cared about other countries and where they were because I knew I would never see them.  But, with the internet, I've traveled all over the world! 

This reminds me of the encyclopedia set that someone gave me back in the 50's.  I would spend hours looking up things.  Now, I just type in a few words and I can find anything in the blink of an eye.  Love the Net!

Title: Re: For MaryLou - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on October 25, 2017, 09:04:26 am
The internet is a fantastic learning tool. It's technology at it's best and never ceases to amaze me.

Oh gosh, Encyclopeidias takes me back. I got handed down a set of 8  beautiful Leather bound Encyclopedias' belonging to my brothers that my parents had bought prior to them starting high school.  They were handed down in turn. They had their own Mahagany bookcase too.

I like picking up an interesting book and having a quite read in the corner with a cuppa....bliss! lol