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If you all can, list the name, model number of your camera,I can check to see if it will do or take RAW Images. pictures.

1- Camera Name;

2- Camera Model;

Bill, I know mine can't. It's not that expensive. I looked at all of my digital devices, etc and none can.  I also looked at the prices of those that can and for no more than I use a camera, they are way out of range for me.  That's okay, our focus here is learning AP and if a project calls for a RAW, perhaps you can provide a few for us to play with.

Yes I can , provide raw images, no need to buy an other camera, it is not a necessity , mostly we are here to learn Affinity Photo :thumb3:

My camera is a
Kodak,  model z981

Canon 600D...and AP opens the RAW-files.
My smaller is a Canon Ixus. Always in my handbag.  :chickdance: No RAW-files                                                                                                     


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