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what is the best way to remove a background


ok i dont mind watching or reading a long tutorial but there are so many out there that i cant get started
so how do you experts do it in photo
or which is a good  tut to watch or read

this is for  working with hair or grass for my fairy calendars
 thanks in advance and no hurry  yesterday will do. xxxx

Selection brush tool is my fav. and then refine.
Take a look at this short video, it is short and clear!
Remove with hair

Linda R:
That's what I do too.  When doing the refine, I have found if you select around your object again, do small bits.  I think it gets a bit carried away if you do too much at once.  BTW Teejay, I just love love love the Jan calendar!  Owls and faes, what more could I ask for???????

Ohhhhhhhhh i will give this a go than you grethe and linda
And glad you like miss January


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