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Draw a Celtic Knot-Linda2

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I came across this tutorial a few days ago and have been playing around with it .   As usual I did my "loose, casual" type work on it but actually it was kinda fun to see what I could come up with.  The tutorial is Draw a Celtic Knot

 :praise62: Celtic Knot, Linda!  :praise25: :praise46: :clap2:

you got my mojo running and i did it
I found it very very very hard to reproduce that heart shape but I  did it in the end 
thanks linda  your knot work is an inspiration   and beautiful as always

Thank you Lynn.

Woo Hoo......wonderful work on your Celtic knot Teejay!!!  Thanks for giving it a try and doing such a bang up job. :praise52:

 :praise75:  Teejay, your Celtic Knot is not quite the same as the tutorial. You did an additional over and under in the center. I like your version better!

 :loveit: :praise46:


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