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Koi Fish-Linda2


I came across this drawing tutorial this morning and immediately thought of your feather brush Teejay.  Here is a little drawing I tried using it.  I see all kinds of things I will change if I do more but for now I must stop and try and get something else done around here.

Picture tutorial can be found Draw a Koi

omg OMG that is just amazing
i would NEVER have guessed it was the feather
the way you have merged it into the fish is brilliant :jumper:

 :praise62: Bravo Linda, apparently you have discovered a new species of fish, good idea and you have done it perfectly!  :praise25: :loveit: :clap2:

lovely image,  soft

Thanks Rege and you too Joy.  No Rege, Koi fish are not's just my "cartooning " way of drawing that makes it look so odd.  :laugh8:


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