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Levels effect disappears when I have to merge visible
I tried level from filters, and from Adjustment. It is the same
If I export to png or jpg it also changes. I've tried to put it in a group, it's still changing.
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. The only thing that can work is to take a print screen and crop.
I make stars and I do this:
fill with black colour
Add noise 100
Add noise again
I use Level with gamma 0
Black Level 82
the others I do not change
if one wants to look at it
My Affinity file is here:

Is it possible to Nest your effect inside  another layer

not group but nest

that doesnt work i have just tried it .

It works on other images, just not here. I tried changing the black color to dark gray.
Then there were both red and white stars. :) Thank you for trying to help.

i think i may have it
i made mine in designer but it should work in photo

you need to nest the levels filter in the black square

this is what i did
i made black square in designer and filled it with black

then noise 100  ( how do you do the noise again i couldn't find a way to do that)
i rasterized the black square so it would be  the same as in photo.
i then applied the levels filter and nested it inside the black rasterized square and played with the settings
and when i went to Export  i got this

i noticed if i altered the size and made it smaller the white dots disappeared

is this what you wanted .


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