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Can I export a preset from Adjustment Curves so others can use it?

 i think you would have to put it in a zip file  to upload it here

that file is not in the allowed file types  for uploading

 i would love to have a play with it
you would have to tell mme how to install it and what to do with it though
i am totally thick when it comes to that sort of stuff.

It is not to here.
I need to use it in a tutorial for my site. Tanks. I kan save the presets, but not export.

I have found one way to save a curve preset BUT it is not perfect

 make your  curve preset
then make a shape (or a word)
Nest the preset in the shape
Save as an asset

To use  the preset
drag the shape from the assets and un-nest the preset
drag the preset to wherever you need it 
finally, delete the shape.

In this zip i have made a weird curve preset -saved as an asset

see if it works for you

It isn't perfect but its the best i can do.

Thank you sweet Teejay


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