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Title: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on July 29, 2018, 12:27:32 pm
Well painters have been here for two weeks already and coming back Monday & Tuesday to paint the remaining rooms two bedrooms and upstairs bathroom. Just as it's almost done we discovered today that they have used the wrong kind of paint (Water based Satin) on the Woodwork: i.e skirting boards, frames and Bannister. Now they won't finish for another week as they have to repaint all the woodwork in all the rooms with Gloss. So inconvenient as furniture has to be pulled out again and the carpet fitters are booked in next week....paint will probably not be dry so may have to postpone them.  No quibble with the painting, they came recommended and are fantastic at their trade, no quibble about that, very pleased but how can experts make such a school boy error as to use the wrong paint! My trust levels in workmen have never been great (due to past experiences) but now they are at an all time low!

Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: Teejay on July 29, 2018, 12:48:48 pm
wow that is shocking
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: San on July 29, 2018, 01:10:24 pm
That is something that should have been picked up as soon as they started painting especially seeing that is there trade.
I am sure you will be glad when your house is finished.
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on July 29, 2018, 07:53:17 pm
Sheryl, what should they have used?   Everything that I paint is water-based in that it can be cleaned up easily with water.  Even the high gloss is water based.  I've used it for many years and never had a problem.  :animal01:
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on July 31, 2018, 05:31:13 am
The quote was for Water based Satin paint (slight sheen) to be used on the Doors and Walls and Gloss (water based) on the Woodwork which is we requested and agreed. We did notice that the woodwork, including the Bannister, had been painted with Satin but quite liked it so let is go. However a few days later, we noticed that the paint on the skirtings and Bannister (which is usually handled many times a day) started to peel. Satin is not meant for heavy use areas. The painters apologised for the oversight and are re-painting as I type so to speak but this has added another two - three days of inconvenience. It's mayhem with stuff pulled out from the wall. On top of that we have had to move everything out of rooms as we go and store in rooms that have been done, it's chaotic! lol

 So far the painters have been painting here since 16th July and won't now be finished until Thursday......18 days.  I brushed against one of the re-painted frame last night and got some paint on my trousers. Gloss doesn't come off clothing. Good job I had some "old" clothes on which I always wear around the house. It will be all over soon and back to normal........I hope! lol 

Though Satin looks nice on Woodwork and retains its colour, I much prefer Gloss. I like the high shine, durability and colour retention. Gone are the days when Gloss used to Yellow with age thanks to the new technology and removal of oils.
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 01, 2018, 04:49:50 pm
Ahhh, so either way, it's water based. I thought maybe there was something different in the paint.  I prefer the satin on everything - do not like things that shine.  Don't know why but it seems to annoy me.  When I first got my new kitchen, I LOVED it but there was some nagging little thing that I didn't like.  Couldn't put my finger on what it was but something gave me an uncomfortable feeling.  About 3 months later, I discovered what it was.  The door/drawer pulls where a shiny chrome.  It was the shine.  I went to Amazon and ordered all new pulls and handles in a brushed chrome and replaced the old ones.  That did the trick.  No shine on the brushed chrome. I know that sounds silly but things that shine seem to irritate me.  All is well now and I REALLY love the kitchen!! 

Hope you get your banister the way you want it.  I think I would have just put a coat of varnish sealer on top of it.  That would give you the shine as well as a good protective coating.   :yay:
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on August 02, 2018, 07:54:36 am
I prefer polished Chrome to shiny Silver but I like whatever suits the room and matches other items...sinks & taps in the kitchen are usually shiny Silver. 

We've compromised and opted for the bannister, skirtings and doorframes to be painted in Gloss and the rest, doors. walls & radiators in Satin. The ceilings are Matt. Previous owners had everything painted Matt which irritated me as it was like the house of Chalk, very bland. I felt like drawing highlights and reflections on the walls! lol. Also we have kept everything White including the new blinds (talk about the Whitehouse) except the downstairs cloakroom which is a nice soft Linen colour. That way I can use accessories with various things to add colour and texture throughout the house and change them when I get fed up. I'm a happy bunny now and have everything painted the way I want and looking refreshed and lovely. 

We thought about the Varnish Sealer but Painter says that the smell is very strong and no different to using a Gloss paint. We also had the top of a Wooden decorative radiator cover in our hallway painted Gloss which makes it better for putting my glass ornaments on. In the past they always left circles on the Satin. 
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 02, 2018, 05:37:35 pm
Interesting!  I always go for the brushed look so there is no shine.  My bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen all have white wallpaper but it's textured. Each room has a different texture which gives it an individual look.  The walls in a mobile home just aren't suitable for paint because you have all those ridges in the paneling and it looks so ugly.  If I would have had the funds, I would have had all the paneling removed and replaced with regular wall board but that would have been very expensive.   The wallpaper is paintable so if I get bored with the white, I could paint a feature wall but that probably won't happen.  I like white because you can totally change the look of a room by changing the colors of the accessories.

Am working on the yard now.  It's still too hot for it but I can still get some small things done.  Am going to plant 4 pretty Lantana plants tomorrow.  I already have purple ones and just bought yellow ones and a few multi-color ones.  These are no-care type things that work great in pots. Since my place it white outside, I can change the whole look just by changing the plants and moving some of them around.   A home owner's work is NEVER done!!  :smiley01: :smiley01:
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on August 03, 2018, 11:35:02 am
Exactly. I've always liked White, so versatile and fresh looking. Most of my rooms including kitchen are White and pale Grey. I almost made the mistake of having my downstairs toilet painted in a soft Lime just for a splash of colour but changed my mind last minute and went with Cream...that was a big change from White for me!  Thank goodness I did, think I would have got fed up with green in no time! lol

End of this month or early September the External work & painting will start on the house.....that is a big job and will involve two lots of scaffolding going up. This won't be invasive as it won't cause any mess indoors. Next year, funds permitting, we will get the bathroom replaced and get some work done on the garden...pheew!.
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 03, 2018, 04:27:02 pm
You're as bad as me!  I almost decided to paint one wall in my bedroom a burgundy color but I know I would not have liked it for very long.   My living and dining room have a really soft beige and white textured wallpaper.  I get so many compliments on it. I'm pretty good at hanging wallpaper so you cannot see the seams where the pieces go together.

I really don't have anything else inside that I can do - it's finally done!  I keep going around looking to see what else I can change and can't find anything!  Both bathrooms and bedrooms have been completely re-done including all new furniture, toilets, sinks, etc.  Kitchen is complete..  laundry room was the last thing on the list.   Am almost finished outside although I would like to re-paint the place. I think though, I can pressure wash the walls and such, then just paint the trim and shutters. Might do that next year.  I don't like my shutters because they look like the ones everyone else has.  I am thinking of making my own. Not hard to do and I have a design in mind.   I want my trim to be navy blue or maybe burgundy. 

Here's what my textured wallpaper looks like.

Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on August 04, 2018, 12:23:08 pm
I love that wallpaper MaryLou. Looks like a flock...timeless. You have done a fabulous job on putting it up. No visible lines whatsoever! I am not a huge fan of DIY and because of that probably wouldn't do a great job.

Only the lounge has wallpaper. It was so expensive (Laura Ashley) that I want it to stay for at least another year, possibly two to get the moneys worth out of it.  It's a Silvery Grey and pale Beige stripe. It still looks lovely and visitors always comment on it.  I'll stick to keeping wallpaper in the lounge when I do change it though...think it's give texture and warmth as opposed to paint.   

I'll post a pic of the new flooring in sewing room/study when I've put everything away in the cupboards. At the noment there's fabric, books and gawd knows what all over the place waiting to be housed! lol
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 04, 2018, 05:34:46 pm
Love that wallpaper!!  I'm a fan of stripes - it makes a room look so much taller.   You can do that when papering over smooth walls.  I'm quite happy with the textured beigt - it lends a lot of warmth to an otherwise very large room. :laugh1:
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on August 06, 2018, 08:36:15 am
I love stripes too. We have a lot of glass in the lounge which is a devil to keep clean but matches the Silvery stripe in the wallpaper and stripey rug (lol). It's a nice light and airy room.  Even have stripey mugs....too much I think!  :smiley01:
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 16, 2018, 08:24:43 pm
We've had a few "normal" days where it was in the low 90's so I got busy and did some outside work.  First, I refinished my sidewalk. It came out nicer than I expected.


Then I added a new fairy to my rock garden.  She was gray with forest green wings when I bought her so I spray painted her white like all my other fairies.  I can see that I need to get some new fake flowers for the little arch in the background - it has a boy and girl fairy under it kissing.


This is a small one but I thought it was cute. There are 7 or so larger ones, some as tall as 1.5 feet but I put them down the side where they aren't so easily seen from the road. 

Temps are on their way back up again so I'm glad I was able to get this done before that happens!  I don't mind the heat so much, it's the bad air that kills me.
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: Teejay on August 17, 2018, 03:07:05 am
photos of walk and new faries please :brav01:

Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: SherylC on August 17, 2018, 12:59:20 pm
It all sounds very beautiful MaryLou. I would love to see some photos too. 
Title: Re: Such inconvenience - SherylC
Post by: MaryLou on August 17, 2018, 03:35:47 pm
I did put them Teejay, but I think in a different thread.

I can't find the post where I  put them so will start a new post.