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Here are a few  hints that might help you get around the board a little easier.  When time allows, I'll move it from this thread and put it in the board faq.

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Oh it's fine for me I noticed it a long time ago and I watch for that little guy all the time to make sure I've posted. :laugh:

I was just thinking if it would help I could do one, but difficult we don't want so forget it.  :yes:

I find that little yellow smiley, or circle, very difficult to see also......but......for me, the fastest way to check the board is to use the "Show unread posts since last vist" and Show new replies to your posts" features. As MaryLou explained in another topic, if you click on the yellow "new" icon when the list is presented, it takes you right where you want to be. With the amount of activity on this board, that feature is priceless!!

Those links at the top Show unread posts since last visit & Show new replies to your posts are the neatest things. I've been using them since I first got on the board. I love them. It's like my mouse moves all by itself to the link every time I come in.  :laugh2:

Navigating this board is really friendly. I use those links that Sheryl mentioned and open each thread with new replies in a new tab to read them. Once I found the "Help" button up there next to the "Home" button, everything else became clearer.


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