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Just a reminder that we do not use copyrighted images on this board.  I've been seeing a few here and there that don't look as if they are copyright free.  Even copyright free images should never be altered unless stated with the copyright free info.   People tend to add a few effects or whatever, then add their name to the image which implies that it's all their work. 

This practice may be acceptable on some other forums, but not on PIRC.  It has been a very long standing policy that we do not use copyrighted images.   If you need an image for a project, try using a photo you've taken yourself.  If you don't have one,  you will find a very nice selection of images in the PIRC Photo Gallery that you can use freely in any way that you wish. These photos were donated to the gallery for exactly this purpose, to use as we will with very few restrictions.

The other thing to keep in mind is the size of your signature file. It must not exceed 350 pixels when adding the number of pixels in the width plus the length. 

I hate being the "bad guy" and won't have to be if everyone keeps these policies in mind.  :thanks02:

I hope I haven't been bad and send to the corner  :angel01: It is read and understood, MaryLou  :cheergirl:


We need a little reminder now and then.  :angel04:

read and thanks for the reminder


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