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Please use this area to report bugs, discuss likes, dislikes, etc.  When posting about a bug, please indicate that in the subject line along with your name. This will keep us from duplicating posts about the same bug.

Same with something in particular that you like/dislike. Indicate the topic in the subject line.  For example, if you like the way the Shapes are handled, just put Shapes - your name in the subject line.

If we can keep our topics organized, it will make it easier to report the bugs and it will also give everyone else a chance to see if that same bug happens with them.

Bottom line:  Enjoy!!! :dancegirl:

If you need help Click here for AP help and Bugs

Well, I do believe you are going to be our guide for AP  .  Thanks for doing this Bill.  I do want to learn this program, as it looks  like a really great program. 

I used the gradient tool and made a nice gradient.  I was able to load it into the swatches the same way we load swatches in AD.  When trying to load in a texture from a fill it only shows as white.  I believe this is because we are in the beta phase and it just is not working properly yet.

TeeJay asked about this somewhere , so I thought I would report my experience with it.

Ava, yes I think you are right , some things will not work good yet , for being the first out and being beta, but they are working on things fairly fast to get all going.
I will check on the swatches and let you know, thank you for bringing this all up

Oh, one more thing I noticed.  When I was making the eyes in the image I posted, I did copy and PASTE INSIDE for the white part. The paste inside worked the same as nesting in AD.

The group layers tool is in the lower bottom  to the left of the trash bin.  Convenient place for me.


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