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Hello all; I got this info from the Affinity Photo Forum:
This is what the admins say about using plugins/filters:

Photoshop plugin support is still being worked on. Some plug-ins do not work correctly or do not work at all.

Currently the Google Nik Collection only works with 8 bit images. The plug-ins will appear greyed out if you are working with a 16 bit image/document.

Bill, I wouldn't be too concerned with third party plugins at this point anyway.  We have so much to learn within the program as it is. And, it has a lot of included plugins for us to play with.   

I don't even know how to resize an image yet.   :cancan:  but I'm sure I can figure it out.  It's good to know why they don't work though, especially for those who are accustomed to using them.   :praise53:

 :thanks06: for the info. Bill.

My Topaz plug-ins are working well, and they are my favorites, so I'm feeling good about that!!

I'll wait untill we have finished the Beta and bought the real thing.

Me too, Grethe.  I want to learn to use the program before I get into filters and plugins and such.  Between Designer and Photo, I think my plate is pretty full... and then Christmas comes along and complicates things!!  :dancegirl:


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