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A Quick Recap on Importing Goodies

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Lets start with with palettes but which ever files  you want to import  its all very similar ..
first open the swatch panel and look for the teeny 3 line icon and click it .

Choose Import palette from the drop down and then choose 'as application palette'
Browse to where you have the palette unziped and click it and it will be installed into your palettes....easy

for the assets
first you must open the assets
View/Studio/ assets
find the teeny 3 lines arrow choose import assets  ..browse to where you have it unzipped click on the file and it will be installed into your assets

thats it its the same for the brushes too
hope this helps .

 :praise68: :thanks06:, Teejay, this all helps :thumb3:

 :thanks06:  what do we do with  the sheets and sample in the grade-ui-kit?

the sheets and samples are  for you to look at and see how they are made you could use them in a web page maybe or use elements out of them
if you double click on one it will open in the workspace for you ..and you can play with it.

they are not installed into the program .save them in a place where you know where to find them if you want them.  :thumb3: 

 :thanks06: will save them.


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