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Installing the Extra stuff in Affinity Designer

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On the extra packets, they are easy to install.  Just unzip them somewhere where you can find them, then import them in the program.  If you open the files, you'll see that you have mostly brushes, some assets and some adesign files so you can see how things were made.

Lets look at just one of the downloads, the

1. Unzip the .zip file.   
    This will result in two more folders.  _MACOSX  and daub-essentials.
    The first folder is for the MAC so you can ignore that.

2.  To install, open AD, go to the Brushes tab and select Import Brushes.  Navigate to the brushes and double-click on the daub-essentials folder.

3.  Hold down the Shift key to select all of the brushes an click OK.  That's it!

In the DAUB files, there is one that says Paper Assets. Import that into your Assets panel.  There are also some that have .adesign files. These are files that were created in AD.  You can put them wherever you want. They are for information.

NOTE:  If you have assets already in your asset panel and you want to keep them, export them from the beta, then import them in the new version.

Hope this helps!!

Thank you for making a short and right forward info about installing!  :thanks06:

BTW Those daub paper are awesome! :chickdance:

You're welcome, Grethe!!  I saw where several people had questions about installing them so I threw this together so everyone could get started.  :praise53:

Thanks for the clear instructions MaryLou.

You are most welcome, Shez!   When I first opened up the zip files, I thought... what do I do with all this stuff?   I looked at the file type and then the brain turned on.  It said Import! :praise53:


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