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If you purchased the commercial version of Affinity Designer, you also got a number of brushes along with it. They were separate downloads.  Those same brushes can also be used in Affinity Photo!!  I have already imported all of them into my AP and they work just fine!!

Here's how I did it.  I created a temporary folder, went into Designer and exported all the new brushes to that folder.  Only takes a few minutes.  Then I imported them into AP from that folder.  That was a lot easier than all the unzipping and such.

So, if you like brushes, you have a whole bunch of new ones that you can use!!  I love how things are compatible from one program to the next in the Affinity series!!

This is a very handy tip MaryLou, thanks.

I wasn't able to get any of them imported from the temp folder. Had more success importing the DAUB Brushes (other freebies wouldn't import) by pointing to the folder where I originally downloaded them to.

Not sure why whenever I create a New Category the imported stuff bypasses it and goes into the main list, so hard to tell which ones are default and which have been imported.


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