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I've been playing around with using an artboard rather than the regular document window.  It is so much nicer!!   If you were a PI user, you'll remember how we could have a bunch of images on the pasteboard at the same time.  You can do the same thing with artboards. 

One huge advantage in using an artboard as opposed to a document is, if you find the board is too small, you can just drag it out to whatever size you need.  If you have a document, you have to go into the document menu just to change the size. 

If you want to have an image right next to something you're working on, just open it using the Picture Import option and it will sit on your pasteboard wherever you want it.  There is so much more flexibility  in using an art board   

I don't know that I'd ever use this feature but you can have a bunch of different images on artboards, then export them as a .pdf and AD will create a new page for each artboard.  That in itself is pretty cool.

So, I would like all of you guys to try using artboards and if you have questions, post them here.  I will be writing all of my future tutorials using an artboard and so will Teejay.   If you think of it as just another workspace, you'll get the hang of it in no time at all.

When you go to File\New, do everything like you usually do but put a checkmark in the box that says to create an artboard.  Once you get used to doing that, you may never go back to using a Document again.  :like: :whoo:

i personally prefer artboards they 'fit' me better

it makes creating things easier.

hope you all try them out because they are almost as neat as clipping/nesting

and you know how awesome that is  :yes03:

Thanks for the info MaryLou. I've never used Art Boards but think I'll give them a try. 

We had a workshop project on artboards. I tried them. I don't like them. I won't be using them.

Can't remember we had it before. Therefor it is good we are doing things over again!  :jumper:

I looked briefly into it............ :dunno2: :whistle:


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