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AD (& AP) Update 1.6.3 available 1st March - SherylC

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Thanks for the info, Sheryl.  Am downloading AD right now.   Do you have the link for AP?   I wonder what's new?  Guess we'll find out.  Most likely, bug fixes.  :yay:

Pleasure MaryLou, though it was Eddie's post about the update that alerted me to the updates. 

I didn't have a link to the update for Photo but I tried changing the link where it says designer to photo and it worked. Love it when something is that simple! lol Here it is :-

Tom C:
I DL      BETA  AD   to install   but  it asks for a product  'KEY" a number that I don't seem to have.

Tom, it's been a while since I used the Beta version of AD. If my memory serves me correctly, I signed up to try the Beta and Serif emailed me a key.


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