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Changing 32 to 16bit...Grethe

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In a youtube I came across this: To get a better use of RAW and HDR the video says change the 32 (the normal one) to 16bit. It says do this before opening the RAW file in Development Assistant. I can't find that! Anyone knows where it is?

BTW Here is the youtube:

I don't know the difference between RAW and HDR but I think you can change from 16 to 32 or the other way if you

click on "assistant manager" - in the top

next: click on "develop assistant"

and then click "RAW output format"

 :thanks02: :thanks02: :thanks02: You're an angel, Majse! I just couldn't see it!  :lol05:

I know how that is - Sometimes I can search for hours and it is right in front of me  :look:

Just presis!  :cancan:


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