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looking for an older tutorial

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A while back San had posted how to isolate an object... then could be used as a tube somewhere else.
I cannot find this tutorial in my stuff. Can someone post or sending it to me please . :thanks02:

I vaguely remember it Nicky but can't find it, sorry.   

The only thing I can think of is maybe this tutorial by ML I am wracking my brains for any thing else like it ...
was this it  our nicky

hmmm I don't even remember seeing that TeeJay.. will have to try it.. but yeah can see where it won't work for all images.. is there another way to get an image out of a background.. I've been taking them into PSP to do that

there may be other ways ..i know you will not like how i do it ..
but here goes.

i draw arounf the outer edge with the pen tool . i then clip the image into the pen tool shape ..then export it.

i like doing this because i can tweak the nodes around the vector outline to fit nicely.

told ya... i told ya you wouldnt like it .lol
maybe san can remember how she didi it...


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