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Font manager - does anybody use one?

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Linda R:
I have a lot of fonts that I just have in a folder.  I have looked at font managers and there seem to be quite a few.  Does anyone use one they would recommend?  Thanks!

i used to use nexus but it hasn't worked right for ages it is soooooooo old..and it stopped working
then MaryLou put me onto Font Runner its free and it is easy and I LIKE it..

so give font runner a go  you have nothing to loose

it works like searching with the browse to your font file and loads them up for you to look at and  AD will see them if you click the 'see' toggle

give it a go and I am sure ML will put you in the picture there isn't much to it.

this is the link ML gave me if you want it.

Linda, for my part I used "Typograph" for years but I abandoned it because I had problems with the latest version. I contacted twice their company which did not help me, apparently I was an idiot unable to understand their software....

I have been using MainType 8.0 Standard Edition for some time and am fully satisfied. Although this is only the basic version, it is more than enough for my needs.

Teejay is right, I would highly recommend FontRunner.  It's an oldie, but a goodie.  I've tried a number of different ones but found this to be the best.  I have all my fonts in folders on my hard drive.  I point FontRunner to the top level folder and it finds all my fonts.  I can go through them by category, or however I want.  To use them, you can install or use the sharing option which temporarily installs the fonts in all programs that use fonts.  After you're finished with them, you can unshare and they all disappear from the list.  Below is a clip from the email I sent Teejay. 

I use Font Runner and have been using it  for a long time and it is easy to use.


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