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I'm really not MIA :)

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 Well, I am but really busy right now... need to find some time for my beloved AD.  Am doing tour pages for a site that has tour pages... I's a Designer now... ROFL   anyway kinda busy but will for sure be back soon.. miss you all!

As long as you are having fun and coming home soon ...go for it ...if you need anything you thinnk i might be able to help with just ask.

You have always been an artist/designer to me.

Thanks TeeJay :smiley01:

That sounds interesting but I suppose a lot of work and I am sure your design pages will amazing.

I'm sort of "not here" too. I have to catch up on my outdoor chores before we get our 3-digit temps back.  Then need to do some spring cleaning even though spring has passed.  But, I am still here every day to make sure everyone is on their good behaviour!   

Have fun with your designing!  You've got the perfect program for doing it!  :praise53:


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