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I was taken to see Wicked for my birthday treat
and i was mezmerized

it was on for a week at the grand theatre (the oldest theatre we have and its very beautiful)

i sat way up high in the balcony and was transported into a world of colour music fun and tears..
i wish i could have bought a dvd of it ..but it was a play so that is impossible.

it left a lasting impression on me least of all the dragon that was moving above the stage,,with glowing eyes ...
i took a pic with my phone ...just a min i will see if i can email it to me and get it on here.

 i think i did it

the brown thing with the green thing in the middle is the stage curtain ..its got the map of Oz on it and the emerald city is the green..

wow  i LOVED every second of this.

What a great treat for you and especially when you loved it.

thanks san
its about the wicked witch of the west who wasnt wicked at all..
amazing musical

Sounds like you have the most wonderful time in the old theater!  :smiley01:

i did grethe as a young woman i danced on that stage ..a LONG time ago .. so it held a lot of memories


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