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Just read that the Affinity Publisher Beta will be released by the end of August!   Not sure how many here are interested in a program like publisher but, it's a great way to write tutorials!  We use PagePlus publisher for our tutorials now so I'm excited to see  Affinity Publisher being introduced!!  It will be a free beta and you can sign up for it here:   

I wonder what initials they will use for it?  We all know what   AD is and AP is but for publisher   ??  :laugh1:

ohhhhhhhhhh count me in ...i was hoping for extras in AD but never mind.

Good morning. I signed up for it, mainly just to see what it is about. At this point I am not too sold on actually publishing something but one never knows.   :yes03:

Could be interesting, but not sure for now….

I have sign up just to see how it goes.


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